A Big 2010 Trend: Disaggregation and Social Network Focus

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Just because a tool can aggregate doesn’t mean that it should. In a world where practically all of us are using multiple social services, many of us are following the same people two, three, five or even ten times, across different networks. Seeing the same updates in every place is off-topic and tiring. I like the idea of participating wherever comments erupt, but also of giving people the option to find pieces of my updates in the right places.
I separated out my different streams on Twitter to give people who want the content the option to do so, at their choice. I’m thinning out my Facebook to optimize there, and, while I will continue to pull Reader and blog posts to Buzz, I do not think I’m going to cram every service I can find down Google’s newest tool.
We live in a world with a very easy potential to be overcome with noise, and I don’t want to be responsible for more than my share. So go ahead and follow my @louisgray account on Twitter. Or my @lgstream or @lgloco. You can connect with me on Facebook, FriendFeed or Buzz as well, just know that each place should be giving you a different experience - aimed for that audience.

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posted : Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

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